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Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry made to order.  As you can see from my jewelry, I rarely set stones (either precious or semi-precious), so at this time, don't ask!  Lead times can vary, depending on time of year and other activities.  Let your imagination run wild!  Once we agree on a design and delivery time frame, I require 50% of the price to secure the order and start production, the remainder due at completion.

Have a wedding coming up and looking for a special set of gifts for the groomsmen or bridesmaids?  Please contact me with your ideas.


 Custom Bracelet

Bracelet - approximately 1 1/8" high (click image for close up view).
Textured Argentium Silver on textured Argentium Silver
This piece was inspired by the drying fall grasses near the Minuteman Memorial in Concord, MA

  Custom Bracelet

Necklace - (click image for close up view).
Textured Argentium Silver graduated pieces range from 1" square  to 1 1/4" square, two sided, 24k Keum-boo one side, both sides roller printed with seaweed (common name:  Irish moss), individually shaped pieces, domed, soldered, and hand fabricated
I decided to make something special for my "inaugural" season at the 2010 League of NH Annual Craftsmen Show